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What #WeSay About the Report on Implementing our National Ocean Policy

We will collect quotes about the Report on the National Ocean Policy’s Implementation here. Feel free to post yours in the comments below!

“Living a 1000 miles from a coastline, one would presume that as a community, we are not interested in coastal or marine issues. This could not be further from the truth! The Colorado Ocean Coalition has been a strong supporter of the National Ocean Policy (NOP) and we are happy that the Report on Implementation is out for public review. With the Continental Divide in our backyard, we feel that the ocean begins here and flows to both coasts. The NOP addresses a wide range of issues that are important to both inland and coastal communities including water quality; sustainable land practices; resiliency and adaptation to climate change and ocean acidification; illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing; and seafood fraud. These topics are important to all of us, including folks living at a mile high.”
— Vicki Nichols Goldstein, Founder & Director Colorado Ocean Coalition
“The National Ocean Policy Report on Implementation addresses a comprehensive list of ocean and fresh water issues that are important to every citizen, whether you live on the coast line, near the Great Lakes, or inland. We are all connected by our waterways and rely on healthy, sustainable water systems. Ocean Literacy is addressed in the Report; it is a topic every citizen should start to understand.  Our oceans and Great Lakes are changing rapidly, and we all need to know what individuals, corporations, and legislatures can and should do to restore healthy waterways.”
— Jane Enterline, Ocean Ambassador, Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO), Founder, Great Lakes Ocean Coalition, chapter of COCO
“I am excited and invigorated by the release of the Report as it points to the ‘in the water’ progress the Federal family is making toward full implementation of the National Ocean Policy. I see this as the ‘doubling down’ John Podesta promised last summer on the White House’s efforts to improve the health and management of America’s oceans, coasts and Great Lakes, including work to tackle the dire threats of ocean acidification and climate change.”
— Sarah Winter Whelan, Regional Marine Conservation Project Director, American Littoral Society
“The ocean is the bedrock of New England culture and supports a thriving coastal economy. The progress of the National Ocean Policy demonstrates our commitment as a nation to protecting important ocean habitat, wildlife, and resources. Conservation Law Foundation supports the sustainable use of our ocean resources and applauds the White House for the collaborative work it has accomplished thus far.”
— Priscilla Brooks, Ocean Conservation Program Director, Conservation Law Foundation
“The Surfrider Foundation applauds the progress made by the National Ocean Council in implementing the National Ocean Policy. In particular, we appreciate the support for regional ocean planning in the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, and other regions. Such ocean planning will help ensure that future decisions about the ocean are informed by strong science and meaningful input from coastal communities and the public.”
— Pete Stauffer, Environmental Director, The Surfrider Foundation
“The report shows that the National Ocean Policy is helping protect important ocean habitats and wildlife, encourage sustainable use and provide greater certainty for businesses and other ocean users. We are encouraged by the work that’s been accomplished to date and look forward to continuing to work together to protect our valuable ocean resources.”
— Sarah Chasis, Ocean Initiatives Program Director, Natural Resources Defense Council
“We need healthy oceans for a healthy future.”
— Drew Martin, Vice Chair, Conservation Chair, Sierra Club Loxahatchee Group
“I applaud the great work done by the National Ocean Council to strengthen and preserve our coastal and ocean ecosystems, communities, and jobs. By continuing to press for increased coordination, communication, and use of scientific data, the National Ocean Council is steering the country towards smarter and better management of our precious coastal and ocean resources.”
— Matt Gove, Mid-Atlantic Policy Manager, The Surfrider Foundation
“The accomplishments of the National Ocean Policy reflect the tremendous momentum we’ve seen from the Administration to address the most pressing issues facing our ocean and coastal communities.  Businesses as diverse as shipping and maritime, commercial fishing, recreation, and conservation groups have all expressed their strong support for smart management of our ocean, because of the real, practical, and local benefits they are seeing thanks to this important work.”
— Anne Merwin, Smart Ocean Planning Program Director, Ocean Conservancy
“We’re thrilled to see the progress that has already been made and that the Implementation Plan will continue to focus administration resources and priority on estuary restoration efforts. Our nation’s estuaries not only provide habitat for more than 75% of our commercial fisheries but restoration efforts can also help mitigate climate change. We’re looking forward to working closely on community-driven projects that support our commercial and recreational fisheries, have “blue carbon” benefits and help increase coastal communities resilience.”
— Diane Hoskins, Director of Government Relations, Restore America’s Estuaries
“America’s coastal economy, the health of our nearshore waters, and the well-being of our shoreline communities are all beneficiaries of the National Ocean Policy proceedings currently underway.”  “Every local stakeholder with an interest in the health of our oceans is now at the table in a constructive and inclusive process that can help maintain vital marine ecosystems and enable sustainable ocean resource management.”
— Richard Charter, Senior Fellow, The Ocean Foundation