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The Ocean is Rising and So Are We!

Healthy Oceans Coalition and thousands of ocean lovers around the world rallied together on June 9 to speak up for ocean conservation.

On June 9, Healthy Oceans Coalition (HOC) members joined more than 3,000 ocean lovers in Washington, D.C. to celebrate our ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes and stand up against an onslaught of anti-conservation attacks coming out of the Trump administration during the March for the Ocean. The March included a flotilla on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, a march route past the White House, and a rally, along with simultaneous sister events across the U.S. and around the world.

In addition to celebrating the ocean for the life-giving force that it is, there were a few central themes to the March: saying NO to offshore oil testing, leasing, drilling and spilling; YES to corporate accountability for plastic pollution; NO to single-use plastics and other forms of ocean pollution; YES to protecting our coastal communities; and YES to a healthy ocean and clean water. 

A group gathers around a life size blue whale at the rally on the National Mall during the March for the Ocean.

Based in a Boston coworking space, HOC leadership has found invaluable partnerships with the diverse groups housed within the same workspace. Most notably,  Bare Tree Media, a digital media agency specialized in augmented reality experiences, messaging stickers, sticker sharing, and photo editing apps developed an augmented reality effect and sticker pack for the March that can still be used today on iPhones and Androids. We grateful for Bare Tree’s generous donation of time and talent to equip March for the Ocean attendees and ocean aficionados around the world with the technological provisions to advocate in style.  

Augmented reality effect donated by Bare Tree Media for the March for the Ocean.

Sticker from the March for the Ocean sticker pack donated by Bare Tree Media for the March for the Ocean.

It’s partnerships like the one with Bare Tree Media and those made at the March for the Ocean that we strive for – just as we impact the ocean, it impacts us and collaboration through cross-sector partnerships is the name of the game when it comes to conservation and developing solutions to climate challenges.

Interested in joining the HOC or contacting Bare Tree Media? Please reach out to