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HOC 2019 Fall Advocacy Training Update

Trainees from the HOC's May 2019 Advocacy Training, all of whom hail from states between Connecticut and Maryland.

The Healthy Oceans Coalition will host our seventh Ocean and Coastal Policy Advocacy Training next month in Aptos, California.

Our HOC Advocacy Trainings give ocean and coastal advocates a chance to broaden their knowledge from experts in the field on important federal ocean and coastal issues surrounding offshore energy development, habitat protection, fisheries conservation and how those issues tie into climate change.

Trainees get the opportunity to develop messaging for decision-makers, press and their membership and then workshop it with communications and advocacy expert from Spitfire Strategies, Riveter Communications, and the Healthy Oceans Coalition.

To cap off the training, the group plans for real world application of the tools learned during the training to make it matter in their local, state, and regional ocean and coastal communities.

The purpose of the HOC Advocacy Trainings is to connect smaller, local organizations and advocates with federal ocean and coastal policy landscape and grow the regional ocean and coastal advocacy community.

If you're interested in this training or planning one for your community, please reach out to Jenna Valente at j.valente [at]

Coalition Director Sarah Winter Whelan presents at the New England HOC Advocacy Training in 2018.