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Happy National Oceans Month!

On Tuesday, May 31, President Obama proclaimed June as National Oceans Month, stating “It is critical that we take measures to safeguard our blue planet and heed the urgency to defend against these mounting threats, particularly in the Arctic where the effects of a changing climate are already swiftly accelerating…In collaboration with stakeholders; scientists; businesses; and State, tribal, and local partners, my Administration is continuing to implement the National Ocean Policy, a coordinated effort to support local communities, strengthen our ocean economy, and improve the health of our oceans.”

From beach cleanupsCapitol Hill Oceans WeekWorld Oceans Day, and much more, there will be ample opportunities to participate in ocean-related events throughout the month. In addition to attending an event, help shape the future of ocean management by reading and commenting on the Nation’s first-ever regional ocean plan, released on May 25, 2016 by the Northeast Regional Planning Body. The plan will be open for comment until July 25, 2016 and was developed through government agency and stakeholder collaboration to address ocean challenges from a regional perspective.

Although we feel that our oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes deserve special care and attention every day, the coming weeks serve as a valuable time for us to reaffirm our commitment to protect and preserve our waterways. Summer is right around the corner and with it comes warm weather, countless recreational opportunities, and the potential for a historic tropical storm and hurricane season. As millions of visitors flock to our nation’s beaches and lakes over the coming months, it is important to remember that our natural spaces are not only essential to people, the planet, and economy year-round, but they also require us to be mindful of our actions if we want to enjoy them for generations to come.

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