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Celebrating 5 Years of our National Ocean Policy!

Healthy oceans matter to everyone, everywhere. Oceans are the heartbeat of the planet and cover 71% of our Earth’s surface. But our oceans and coasts face increasing threat from increasing coastal populations, pollution, overfishing, and piecemeal protection and management all while facing climate change and ocean acidification.

Luckily, in 2010 the U.S. created its National Ocean Policy as a tool to help our nation tackle some of these pressing issues in a coordinated and collaborative manner. By bringing together our federal agencies, coastal states, tribal nations and stakeholders, we can truly make a difference through the actions we all agree are necessary.

Please help wish our National Ocean Policy a Happy 5th Birthday and help support healthy oceans.

1. Join the Healthy Oceans Coalition! 

Learn about our work and join to engage in supporting implementation of our National Ocean Policy and how ocean planning might be moving ahead in your region.

2. Pick your favorite way to engage on social media and help amplify our messages:

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3. TAKE ACTION and tell Congress to fully support our National Ocean Policy 

Healthy oceans are important to everyone. Even land-locked states and the men and women who represent them in the U.S. Congress. They need to know that we all want healthy oceans, coasts and Great Lakes and that the National Ocean Policy is an important tool to help us ensure healthy oceans, coasts and Great Lakes for both this and future generations.

4. Participate in our Thunderclap for the 5th Birthday

Help us wish the NOP Happy 5th Birthday the week of July 13th to raise awareness and visibility of our National Ocean Policy!

5. Share in our NOPat5 video campaign!

Check out Wyland, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Enric Sala, Vice Admiral Charles Michel of the U.S. Coast Guard, New York City council member Donovan Richards, Jr., divers and a sea turtle with the National Ocean Policy a very Happy Birthday!